Leather+Animal Prints+Lace=Nonsense ?

Nonsense 1(Vest:Bebe | Top & Shorts:Forever21 | Boots: Kelly & Katie | Bag-pack:Michael Kors )

Nonsense 5

Nonsense 2 Nonsense 3 Nonsense 4 Nonsense 6

I admire people who dare to be 100% true to themselves. In this big judgemental world, it’s hard to speak up what we really think, stand on what we really believe in, and wear what we really like. Understanding ourselves is the first step when we dealing criticism, even compliments. But let’s face it, learning who we are is a life long lesson. While we are learning, be out there! Experiment, enjoy, and don’t take yourself so serious

Fashion is not only a serious business, it’s also about fun and break-through. Leather, animal prints, and lace are three totally different elements. They present power, oomph, and femininity. I put them together, for the craziness deeply inside of me. Turns out, it’s not so crazy!

Was there a situation that you were not able to speak up what you really think ? Share with us in the comment below! Thank you for reading friend!

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Lichtenstein American Pop Art Inspired Outfit

Frontrowshop 1 Frontrowshop 2 Frontrowshop 3

(Top: FrontRowShop | Skirt :FrontRowShop | Location: MOCA)

This outfit is inspired by Lichtenstein and his pop art. Roy Lichtenstein is an American painter, sculptor, printmaker and decorative artist. His paintings based on the Motifs and procedures of comic strips and advertisements made him one of the central figures of American pop art.

Burst Into Bloom Outfit

Flower outfit 1 Flower outfit 2 Flower outfit 3 Flower outfit 6 Flower outfit 5 Flower outfit 4

( Crop Top and skirt:H&M | Shoes:Reports )

If you know me on Instagram, you may know that I went to Salton Sea for a fashion photo shoot two weeks ago. For one or two great pictures, we drove more than two hours to get there, had the makeup and hair done, found the perfect spots for different outfits, and shoot more than three hours in 110 degree hot weather. The whole experience made me rethink of the value of a powerful picture , as well as the hard work behind it. When the photos came out, I’d love to share them with you here on my blog. But working with professional photographer, stylist,  make-up and hair artists, made me want to try something new on my own personal style posts , like what I have here.

Luckily Fullerton Arboretum is very close to my place, so we didn’t drive far. However, I did spend more time and effort on the style. The crop top and skirts are both from H&M and I had this pair of Reports shoes for a long time. With the right background, lighting, and accessories, I am pretty satisfied with the turnout. Let me know what do you think of this set of photos !

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Two Shade Of Blue

Double The Blue 1(Top: D’zzit | Dress: Etam | Shoes: Lovely People )

The puff dress is a must have piece for your summer wardrobe. Not that you can wear it by itself, but also there are many ways you can match it up with other pieces. I simply added a shirt here, but I tried to wear it with tops and sweaters in the past. Wearing a coat on the top of a puffy dress is also a great idea in a windy day ! How do you wear your puffy dress ? Let me know in the comment below. Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sky of the Laguna Beach Double The Blue 3 Double The Blue 2

4 Swim-wears you will love: Weekly find!

4 Swimwears you will love: Weekly find! Happy Wednesday everyone! Above are four swim-wears I found this week:

Above Left: Painting print-Tropical Fish and Girl Swimming Watercolor 

Above Middle: Black Adidas by Stella Mccartney  $70

Above Right: Matthew Williamson  $185

Bottom Left: Oasis Scoop One Piece  $148

Bottom Middle: Mara Hoffman  $235

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LA Look + Coffee + Street Art



LA look 1

LA look 2

LA look 3

LA look 4

LA look 5

LA look 6Picture Credit: Celina Hidajat & Gaby Aleixandre 

Celina Celina Hidajat is practicing her “Awkward Pose”

gaby Maria Gabriela Aleixandre from Voguish Diet 

Urth Caffe 1Urth Caffee 

Urth Caffe 2Urth Caffe

It was a sunny day when Celina, Gaby and I explored downtown LA. We had brunch at Urth Caffe, which is famous by its organic coffee and hand selected teas. For me, it’s the decoration and coffee-art that makes it stand out from other coffee shops. I ordered Mocha and it was as good as what I make at home ( which doesn’t happen most of the time) , so I was satisfied. After brunch, we tried to find somewhere to take OOTD pictures, the art district blowed my mind! I just wanted to walk street by street to see those amazing art! If you are interested, here is a great website showcase the LA street art .  

About my outfit, I put together some old pieces and sticked with the black and white theme. Both of the white shirt and hi-low dress are made by light, flowing fabric. Since the shirt is white and it’s easy to see the under-garment, I added a black vest. The buttons and the belt added gold glow to this outfit. 

Back to coffee, Michael and I own an expresso machine and we usually get coffee beans from Kean.   However we love to try new coffee brands. Let me know what’s your favoriate coffee shop and why.

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The Next Black-A Film About The Future Of Clothing

The next black AEG  launched a documentary film “The Next Black“, which is about the future of clothing. The film focused on the designers , innovators and leaders that are shaping the future of the industry. It also encouraged not only the clothing companies, but also consumers, like you and me, to build a sustainable future together by developing new technologies, using organic materials, and recycling our clothes.

OOTD & Top 5 second hand stores you need to visit !

Little Grey Dress 4Little Grey Dress 2 Little Grey Dress 3

 Jacket: Express | Grey Dress: Forever 21  | Heels: Aldo 

The American Marketing Association, Fullerton Chapter had a second hand clothing sale in CSUF. Everything was $5. I bought several pieces and this little grey dress is one of them. I am wearing it with a black blazer from Express and a pair of dress heels from Aldo.

Do you have a habit of cleaning your wardrobe? What do you do with the clothes you don’t wear anymore? With today’s fast fashion , we tend to buy more clothes and get rid of the old one more frequent. When you enjoy your new goods , make sure to sell/donate the one you don’t wear anymore. This way we can get the best use out of the clothes. Not only the donates will help the landfills and local families, but also you can add some extra money to your shopping budget! So why not ?

Besides Goodwill , here are some recommended second hand stores in LA area that you can sell and buy clothes.

1.  Buffalo Exchange 

2. Tavin Boutique 

3. Buttons & Bows LA

4. Decades 

5. Vestiaire Collective 

Let me know how do you feel about second hand clothing! Do you buy them? If yes, I love to know which store you  usually go. Leave a comment below !

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