“Love” Sporty Casual

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Love Sporty Casual 4 Love Sporty Casual 5 Top: Wet Seal | Sneakers: Adidas Originals

I went to house hunting the past weekend and I knew I need to wear something comfortable. So I put together this outfit, which is perfect for a long walk and the sunny weather. This sporty casual look happens to be very affordable too. I got the “LOVE” top from Wet Seal when it’s on sale ( less than $10 ). The sneakers are from the Adidas store in Irvine Spectrum Center ( Less than $40). I liked neither sneakers nor sports footwear that much before, but influenced by the collection of Chanel Spring-Summer 2014, I started to try sneakers. They are just so comfortable!! I also added my old white shorts, a trucker cap, and some bracelets. Hope you like this look!

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Quirky Cool Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit 1

Jumpsuit 2

Jumpsuit 3

Jumpsuit 4

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Jumpsuit 7

I enjoy putting together a presentable outfit, but there are days I just have no time to match a top with a skirt, or choose which pair of jeans to wear. This is defiantly a effortless look that you can throw on and confidently start you day with: Navy blue jumpsuit, flesh pump, and a classic tote. It’s a perfect outfit for the office. Add a color jacket, you are ready for the night life.

Crop Top Sweater + High Waist Ripped Jeans







IMG_8525_meitu_5There are full of surprises in life, especially when you go shopping. Right across South Coast Plaza ( you must know here if you live in LA ) , there is a little shop called “LA Bella”, that’s where I got this high weight ripped jeans. It’s very comfortable and fit very well. Through on a old crap top sweater, then I am ready for the day!